Spelling Worksheets free downloads

Spelling Worksheets

Click on the link below to download the worksheets.  Each worksheet contains:

  1. a list of spelling words that follow a “rule”
  2. each word is repeated 3 times
  3. can be printed out as many times as necessary for your child to learn the words
  4. a dotted font is use to facilitate handwriting skills
  5. each page contains a line for name and date to assist in keeping track of progress

Spelling #1 (short a sounds)

Welcome to The Joyful Mom Project


I am so thrilled that you have found The Joyful Mom Project.


But what is “The Joyful Mom Project”?

The Joyful Mom Project is a online compassionate educational site offering enrichment for reading, spelling, knitting and other topics that YOU and your children might want guidance with.

I will also share my own stories of life with kids who learn differently, feel the world differently and see life through a very different lens.


How do I plan to teach?

I plan on using a multi media approach.  I will create videos.  I will have Google Hangouts.  I will tutor via Skype.  I will write books, make checklists and be a pen pal.  I will facilitate learning in a way that is meaningful to each individual child.